2 Easy Ways to Grow Food Inside This Winter

Saving money is what I am all about right now.  Being thrifty is not just a hobby, while my partner is in school, it is a necessity.  Stretching these teeny paychecks to feed and clothe/diaper a family of four is a real trick.  Some months I am more successful with our budgeting than others. I have become slightly obsessed with finding ways to cut down on costs and still have healthy, delicious food for my family that keeps them thriving.  This is especially important in the winter months.  Since organic fruits and veggies are incredibly expensive, the majority of our income goes towards food.

When I learned that there were ways to grow veggies from scraps I was skeptical at first.  If that were possible, why wasn’t everyone doing it? But that’s a question I ask myself A LOT when I learn something new and amazing.  Over the summer, I remembered to save some scraps and tried it myself.  It was incredibly easy, and the plants grew incredibly fast.  I grew green onions, bok choy and celery within a week.  The green onions were by far the fastest.  Why isn’t this common knowledge?!

The following articles list many of the herbs and vegetables that can be grown from scraps and also include plants that will grow in water– no soil needed. With winter coming, this will be a great alternative for our family.

Growing Food From Scraps

“Imagine having an unlimited supply of your family’s favorite produce. Incidentally, produce is often one the most expensive items on most grocery lists so anything that you can cut down will help you to tremendously curb that grocery expense.

There are a number of fruits and vegetables that you can replant and grow yourself, ensuring that you always have these items on hand when you need them and helping you to cut down on the money that you spend on produce every week.
If you have ever considered growing your own food, this post contains a list of 25 foods that you can grow from the leftover scraps and seeds that you normally throw out.”  Read more


Growing Food In Water

“Do you have a few favorite “go-to” herbs? Why not grow them in water and keep them close at hand on the kitchen window sill or right on the counter? Water-grown herbs are just as flavorsome as those you grow in the garden. You don’t have to mess with soil or worry about regular watering or changing seasons.

Most herbs will be happy growing in water, but those propagated from cuttings are easier to start in water. Seed-grown annuals like cilantro, mustard, and dill are a bit tricky because you need to sow the seeds in soil or some other medium and then transfer the seedlings to water. Soil to water transition is not impossible, but it may not always work out because soil-grown roots are a bit different from water roots.” Read More

Have you grown food from scraps?  Will you be growing any food this winter?  I’d love to hear your tips and tricks.


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