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My partner is currently in nursing school, and when he passed his first test of the semester I made him this French Toast for breakfast to celebrate.  Yes it is vegan, and YES it is FRENCH TOAST, and yes it is really freaking good.  I’ve been making it this way for a couple of years now, and we absolutely love it.  When I originally shifted to a vegan lifestyle, I shifted directly into raw veganism because I was healing my body.  I didn’t get to experience vegan comfort food in all its glory.  When I became pregnant, THAT ALL CHANGED. This was one of the many vegan comfort foods that I was missing out on.  Not super healthy but definitely delicious.

There are several foods I consider to be absolutely perfect in their raw form.  One of those is chia seeds.  They offer so many nutritional benefits it is clear why they are classified as a SUPERFOOD.  I prefer chia in their raw form as a pudding or in an agua fresca chia, as with many other foods, has the most nutritional value in its raw form. I keep a jar of soaked chia in my fridge at all times in case I need a pick me up or I feel like my kids need a little extra boost in their nutrients.   That being said, I love this recipe because the chia seeds give the bread that slight crunch I am always looking for on french toast.

*** Disclaimer: I am NOT a food stylist.  I am working on this please bare with me. ***

Let’s Go!!

To start I use 2 tablespoons of chia seeds.  You may be able to get away with one but I like my crunchy crust to be nice and thick.  Some people grind up their chia seeds but I don’t mind the texture of the whole seeds try it yourself and see which you prefer.



Then I added about 4 oz of coconut milk. You can use any kind of vegan milk. We love cashew and hemp milk in our house but today I used coconut milk for the extra flavor.  You can use store bought or make your own.




After you add the milk you can get creative or keep it simple.  I usually keep mine pretty plain, with just cinnamon and a little salt, but you can add anything you like: berries, jam, yogurt, mashed banana, nut butter…… the list is endless.  Here is my plain chia combined with two teaspoons of cinnamon and a pinch of salt.




While you wait for your gooey flavors to thicken you can start to warm the pan and prepare your bread for dipping. There are lots of vegan gluten free breads out there.  If you aren’t vegan or gluten free you can obviously use any kind of bread you like. Here is it after ten minutes. We have reached maximum goo.







This is my favorite part, I love dipping the bread.  Dip the bread in the chia seed mixture, and be sure that the bread is coated with the mixture before turning it over.  I also use my fingers to make sure most of the piece of bread is covered with the chia goop. After you coat both sides with the chia goodness send that piece of bread over to the frying pan as quickly as you can to prevent the bread from falling apart.





I used coconut oil in the pan because …… well because it makes everything better. And cook until there is a nice crispy crust and there is brown crust around the edges on both sides.



Depending on what you used to flavor your french toast, you may want to add a sweetener.  Around here we use maple syrup, cassava nectar, agave nectar (although not as much as we used to because of recent controversy), date paste, jam, coconut sugar there are lots of great options for more natural sweeteners that are low on the glycemic index and are a little gentler on the body and immune system.



And here is the finished product. YUMMM!







If you try it let me know!! If you don’t why not?  Also if you have any fantastic french toast add ons share them in the comments.  They don’t have to be vegan — anything can be veganized!!





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