We March Every Day

We March Every Day
Alyssa Brown

Some of us march every day.

We’ve been marching for centuries.

Into rooms where all eyes are on us
But no one smiles
Into jobs where our qualifications are constantly in question
Into jobs where we are forced to choose between our dignity and our paycheck
Into schools where we are simultaneously invisible and under a microscope

We march through spaces we are told we don’t belong
For some of us, that space is a high level executive position and
For some of us it is a bathroom
For some of us it is a sidewalk

In spite of our anger, and fear and disappointment
We gather our splintered pride around us
Over and over again

We march even when it feels like crawling

With the strength and will of our ancestors
We march
over obstacles
and through barriers

We don’t have special chants
We don’t hold signs
We don’t wear pink hats or safety pins

We wear
Our black skins
Our brown skins
Our gender non-compliant bodies
Our fat bodies
Our hijabs
Our wheelchairs
Our “disabilities” visible and invisible
Our ancestors’ pain
Our love

Walking around in these othered bodies
Our resistance is individual and collective
Our resistance is every day

Our resistance is massive
Billions of us march
We march on every town
We march every day

We march because we have no choice
For us, its march or die

More money would be nice
But we march in defiance
We claim the right to breath
We claim the right to live
We claim the right to know joy
We claim the right to know peace
Right now
In these bodies
Every day we march

Our revolution is loving ourselves in the face of hate
Our revolution is loving each other in the face of hate

“Resistance is in our DNA”
We were born for this time
We are ready
Every day we march

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