Homemade Vegan Toddler Formula

I have been working to develop a high nutrient vegan formula for my 14 month old. I had been giving my child the highest quality formula available in the United States, but my poor bebe continued to have stomach problems.

Finally, we had enough and decided to transition to a homemade formula that would still be nutrient dense but also bring some ease to their belly.  For some reason this child has not taken to solid foods like my oldest child did. Because of this, I need to be sure there are enough nutrients going into that little body.

As usual, I did weeks of research to come up with this formula and I will list the resources I used below. I am confident that this will be a great option for our baby and possibly others.

This vegan formula is not intended for infants. If  you are bottle feeding your infant, you will need to discuss with your doctor the best option for your infant. Options we’ve tried (since I am biologically unable to breast feed) are donor milk, homemade formula, and conventional formula.

If you choose to use conventional formula please view this article comparing available formulas based on chemical additives and organic certification. This is how we chose the formula we used for both children as infants.

There are various homemade formulas you can also research online.

So here is the formula we’ve been using for the past few months. At first bebe was a little unhappy with the change in flavor. The formula I make is less sweet than what they’re used to. After about a week there are no problems. My little one is pooping more often and seems happier all around. I am so glad we switched and I hope that this helps you as well.


Vegan Toddler Formula

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This formula requires a multi-step process that begins with soaking the almonds and chia seeds overnight. Once they are soaked the entire recipe takes about 20 mins.

Yield: Approximately 1/2 gallon of formula


1 cup of organic almonds soaked overnight
4 cups of water

1 cup of coconut water
1 can of organic coconut milk

1/4 cup of chia seeds soaked overnight in 2 cups of water

2 tbs organic tahini
2 tbs organic unrefined coconut oil
minute as the coconut oil will separate from the rest of the ingredients.

Step 3— Combine

Combine the blend from step 2 to the almond milk from step one.

Cover and shake to combine. The mixture will be a beautiful green color!

2 tbs nutritional yeast
1 tbs spirulina
1/4 cup coconut sugar OR 4 dates soaked


Step 1— Almond milk

Blend almonds and water until almonds are completely pulverized. Strain liquid through cheesecloth or nut milk bag into the container you plan to store your vegan toddler formula. Squeeze the remaining almond pulp to release the liquid through the cloth. Voila! You’ve made almond milk!!

I’ll post some suggestions for what to do with the left over almond meal in another post.  In the meantime, you can freeze it or add it to smoothies and veggie burgers.

Step 2— Remaining ingredients

Add 1 cup of coconut water, 1 can of coconut milk, 1 cup of soaked chia seeds (after soaking over night the chia seeds will expand), tahini, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, spirulina and sweetener to blender and blend on high speed until combined. The mixture will turn green. Do not allow to blend for more than 1

This formula will separate in the refrigerator and will need to be shaken each time you pour a bottle or sippy cup.


Thats it! Let me know if you try it and how your little one likes it.

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