Yall!  This has been a really REAL few months.  Almost daily I ask myself: Can it get any more intense? Can it get anymore ridiculous? It seems that every time I wonder that the answer is yes.

So I am going to start asking:

“Can it get any more peaceful?”

“Can it get any more joyful?”

“Can it get any more equitable?”

“Can we get any more liberated?”


There is so much going on in our world right now we need to make sure we are paying attention.  Paying attention, feeling whatever we feel about the recent events and continue to live our BEST LIVES.


Now some days my best life is sitting in front of netflix for a mind numbing marathon of a nonsense show.  Some days, my best life is wild dance parties with my children.  Some days my best life is a steaming cup of tea, a book and a sunny spot.  Some days my best life is doing everything I can to take down white supremacy and patriarchy. Some days my best life is creating a new recipe and by some miracle my children actually eat it.  There are also the days I don’t talk much about.  The days I stay in bed, under the covers where its warm and just breathe.  I am an extroverted introvert so those days are SUPER important to my well being.


At this point in time I am studying and learning and remembering the behaviors that help me move toward my best life.  These are the small things and the big things that bring us joy every day.  Whatever those things are we need to do more of them.  We need to do more because we are in the fight of our lives and for us to stay well we need to balance and keep remembering why we are here and why we deserve a great life.


I love this quote by Monica Simpson.  If you don’t know about Sister Song go directly to their website it is an incredible organization. I had the pleasure of meeting Monica at a conference last year.  I passed her in the lobby and we chatted briefly I had no idea who she was at the time but let me tell you — Monica GLOWS she just radiates joy. I left that brief exchange feeling brighter and more joyful. So whenever she has suggestions of how to live I listen.


Ok enough gushing about Monica.   :mrgreen:


The part about this that I love the most is the word UNAPOLOGETIC. So many people feel that when we are fighting or struggling or living in a time that is scary we must reflect that in our lives and our demeanor.  These same people will question if you are really down for the cause if you are enjoying Beyonce’s latest performance or sharing pictures of your new kitten.  We need to encourage each other to see those moments of peace and joy as part of our armor as we continue our struggle.  They help us to persist and they help us heal.

Yes we can be joyful and fight for liberation at the same time.  From my experience, it is necessary for our survival. We MUST keep our joy at the forefront. As we move through our challenges, we must dig for those things that build our sense of joy and humor and freedom and keep them with us.  We must find more and more ways to bring joy into our days.  Otherwise, it is easy to slip into despair and forget what exactly we are fighting for.


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